Sketchbook Tuesday: Cacti

When my husband and I visited Arizona two and a half years ago, I had taken a bunch of photos of cacti that I was interested in drawing... and then we came home and I completely forgot about them. I came across those photos, and more from other trips, while going through the all the photos on my computer this summer. I decided it was time to fin ...

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Sketchbook Tuesday: Pine Tree with New Growth

Last spring, when new growth appeared on the branches of a huge pine tree in our back yard, I felt inspired by the bright green tips and really wanted to draw them. I finally had the opportunity to the other day, using a photo I took at the time. I'm starting to think about a new personal project to work on in the future, inspired by my family h ...

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Process of Designing/Illustrating ‘Vintage’ Labels

This is another one of the fun projects that I did while back for the Silk Road Spice Merchant and just never got around to posting. They wanted a custom label inspired by old fruit labels, apothecary labels, and shipping labels. They liked the idea of something that looked old and maybe felt like what their logo might have looked like if they'd ...

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