I Didn’t Stand Up – Duncan

Illustrating this book was very creatively satisfying for me. One reason for that is that I was able to use colour conceptually. I had done an experiment in my sketchbook a couple years ago that came to mind when I initially read the manuscript and that was the inspiration for the palette that I used. This is that sketch: I decided to onl ...

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I Didn’t Stand Up – Storyboards

I’m so excited that my latest picture book, I Didn’t Stand Up by Lucy Falcone and published by Clockwise Press, is finally coming out on January 7th! In anticipation of that, I wanted to talk a bit about the book and also share some of my process. This book came into my life at a time when I really needed a project of my own to work on. My edito ...

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It’s not obvious, but this illustration is about struggle. Around 11 years ago, I read an anecdote that stuck with me. It was about a man who witnessed a moth emerging from a cocoon. The moth was struggling to get out so the man very gently snipped the cocoon so that it could easily get free. But the moth’s body was swollen and its wings were sm ...

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