The Good Stuff from 2017

It's been a few years since I wrote a post about all the good stuff that happened during the year. 2017 was interesting to say the least, a year with lots of ups and downs, and because of that I thought it was important to really think about the good things that happened... • I made a lot of new work last winter and got back into sketching regul ...

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Drawings of my Husband

I met my husband, Dario, in November of 2004 and have been making drawings of him ever since. Some are quick and not very good. Some are more resolved portraits that sort of look like him. Some don't really look like him at all. We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary this past July and I wanted to make him a gift to mark the occasion. I've b ...

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Sketchbook Tuesday: Girl with Blue Hair Demo

I teach an illustration class in the Continuing Education department at ACAD. Every semester I like to do a little demo to show my students how I work. It's not a very fancy demonstration, I just like them to see how I use the materials, like acrylic paint and coloured pencils, to make my images. That I pretty much just play with the paint until it ...

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