This is a portrait I did this past week as a thank you gift for our friend, Claudia. It's quite a bit more realistic than I like to work, but I had more trouble than usual getting a likeness. The more I reworked my sketch to get it to look like her, the more realistic it got. Hopefully she likes it.


I got a new scanner a few months ago and although I was initially quite happy with it, recently I've been finding that it doesn't pick up a lot of the more subtle nuances, colors and textures, especially stuff that I do in colored pencil, and the whites tend to look blown out. Does anyone have suggestions on how to deal with that? I've messed around with the settings but it doesn't seem to make a difference. Maybe that's the way it's always been and I just never noticed until now.

On an entirely different subject, a girl I know, Kimberly Wieting, makes really funky, strapless, cowgirl dresses from men's shirts. She's submitted her design to a local competition and is currently in 2nd place. If you like her design, I know she'd really appreciate the votes. It literally only takes about 5 seconds and you don't even have to register. You can vote once per day. Just click on this link.