Today was a big day for me.

After 5 years at my design job, I gave notice to my boss this morning that I'll be leaving. My husband and I are going on an adventure - we're moving to Europe at the end of July. We've been talking about doing this since we met and we're finally going through with it. It's scary to leave such a nice comfortable life but it's so exciting to take a risk and try something brand new. I'm really looking forward to experiencing other cultures, and all the art and history that Europe has to offer. I want to learn and grow and be inspired.

We haven't finalized exactly where in Europe we're going to live. We're in the process of applying for UK visas and hopefully there'll be time to apply for French visas as well, although as foreigners I'm not expecting that it will be easy for us to find jobs even with visas. Since we'll mostly be living off of our savings and we'd like to stay for as long as possible, we'll have to find an affordable place to live. Can anyone suggest a less expensive city or even a less expensive neighborhood within a city in the United Kingdom or France? Although I want to live cheaply, I don't want to live someplace where we don't feel safe.

Of course, I'll be bringing some of my art supplies so I can continue to illustrate while we're in Europe. And if someone wanted to offer me a picture book deal to work on while we're over there, that would be perfect 🙂

Our plane tickets are booked and we're in the process of getting visas, but there's still so much to do and figure out. I'll keep you posted.