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This is a sketch for an illo I just finished for Exclaim! It's a portrait of the band Joy Division. The were popular in the in the late 70's. The lead singer committed suicide and the remaining band members went on to form New Order. I put those 3 members on a separate branch for that reason. In the research I did about the band I found that they were described by the media as being "doom laden" and that death, sadness, anger, bitterness and loss were recurring themes in their music. I love using crows/ravens as metaphors for death and I love drawing birds so it seemed like a good solution. I wanted to incorporate the birds somehow and eventually arrived at using the bird's bodies. The art director wasn't crazy about my idea when I first suggested it, but he liked the sketch. That just goes to show that if you have an idea that you like, draw it even if it's not what the art director had in mind. They don't always know what they think they want.

I'll post the final tomorrow.

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