I was just looking through some of my old blog posts when I came upon this one. It was my five year plan and tomorrow will mark exactly 5 years since I wrote it. So let's see how I did...



In 5 years I see myself:

• illustrating full time. True, that was in the 5 year plan 5 years ago and it still hasn't happened, but I'm in a better position to do that now. I'd also love to work in a little book store part time. Something close to where I live that I could walk to. I've always liked that idea.

• I want to travel more. There are so many places that I want to see and experience. I'd like to live and work in Europe for a year or two. Maybe bring my computer and freelance from over there.

• I'd like to produce a series of paintings on a theme for an art show. It wouldn't have to be a big fancy gallery show, even something small in a coffee shop would be nice. Maybe a solo show, but maybe part of a group show with some of my artist friends.

• I'd like to write and illustrate my own children's book. I've had an idea since I was in high school but I haven't had an opportunity to seriously work on it. Maybe it wouldn't even be published, maybe it would just be for me.

• Once we've finished traveling, I'd like to pick a city (maybe Montreal) and settle down for a while. Buy a small home, fix it up ourselves, grow vines all over it. Have a garden in the back, and a patio where we could sit outside and have meals together.

• I see myself living a simple and humble life where I make time to read, cook, go for walks, drink tea with friends, take classes, learn how to make books, be part of an artistic community...

• Most importantly, I see myself still happily married to Dario 🙂


• I was illustrating full time for about a three years, but I recently started working full time at my day job to make some extra money since purchasing our house. Although I never did find a job in a bookstore, when we got back from Europe I got a job working in a lovely little shop that sells spices, and before we moved into our house I was able to walk to work.

• I lived and traveled all over Europe for a year and a half.

• I still haven't produced a series of paintings on a theme for an art show.

• Although I haven't written a book, I did illustrate a picture book that was recently published.

• We decided against Montreal and ended up moving to Calgary. We just bought a small house, have been fixing it up, and I'll be planting vines all over it in the spring.  There is a patio on the back where we enjoyed sitting this summer and we've set up a spot to grow small garden.

• My life is simple and humble but I must admit that I struggle to find the time to read, go for walks, or take classes. I still haven't learned how to make books.  I do, however, cook all the time and I've recently started meeting up with my sketch group again and feeling like I'm part of an artistic community...

• Still happily married to Dario. We'll have been married for five and a half years this winter.