Before packing them up, I took photos of some of the picture books I've purchased since we started our adventure. I thought picture books in different languages with really cool illustrations would make good souvenirs from the countries we visit.

I love picture books and since coming to the UK I've been so inspired by European ones. For the most part, I find the illustrations in them much more experimental than in North American picture books. I love that.

The first one I'm going to share is a UK book called Scritch Scratch about an outbreak of head lice in an elementary school. It's illustrated by a French woman, Delphine Durand. I love her characters and vibrant use of color. Here's a couple of my favorite spreads:



I love the way she did the floor.

She also illustrated another book that I'm quite enamored with: Ma maison. I've seen the english version (My House) here in Edinburgh, but I'm going to wait and see if I can find a French one when we go to France.