A Hidden Message Within the Image
This was my submission for the Calgary Expo's art book. The theme was 'Adventures in Time' and my very smart husband came up with the idea of doing an image with a hidden message. We decided to use clocks because of the 'time' part of the theme and the 'adventure' was in solving the riddle and deciphering the code. I was pretty excited about the piece because it's a departure from my usual work. And I love collaborating with my husband. He's very creative and has unique ideas. 
Sadly, my submission didn't make the cut and won't be in the Calgary Expo Art Book, but I worked really hard on it and I think it's a cool piece. I also thought it would look interesting hanging on a wall so I'm having some prints made that will be available to purchase at the Calgary Expo. I'm hoping that some of the expo attendees will appreciate the thought and subtleties in this image. 
For anyone who's wondering about the riddle, I'm going to wait until after the expo to reveal the answer so that anyone who purchases the print has a chance to figure it out.

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