2016 Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo

At the end of April, I once again found myself sitting behind a table at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. This year’s expo (my 4th in the Small Press section) was a different experience for me than previous ones as my husband and I alternated days so that one of us would always be home with our toddler. As a result, I was only at the expo for 2 of the 4 days.

As always, it was great to see the friends we’ve made at the expo over the years and once again, I was fortunate to have the booth right next to author/illustrator Mike Bolt. He's such a great guy and I love his work!


Comics by Aaron Navrady.


Comics by Eric Dyck.

I picked up some awesome finds from Alberta based artists. I got both chapters of Aaron Navrady’s beautifully illustrated, epic comic: The Cold Fire. I discovered the wonderful work of Eric Dyck and picked up a couple of his Slaughterhouse Slough comics. I also got an adorable little pin, and chicken print by local picture book illustrator Kim Smith (the doughnut button is Félix's). She had tons of cute chicken and rooster prints, each with so much personality, but the extra fluffy one was my fave 🙂


Work of Kim Smith.

My husband came by the expo with our son on one of the days that I was working. To my surprise and delight, Eric Dick made an awesome drawing about it.


Comic of my son by Eric Dyck.

I need to acknowledge my friend Laurier, who helps us with our table year after year. I really appreciate his help and his kindness. He was even more invaluable this year since my husband and I didn't have each other to hang out with. Our friend Erin, dressed as a pin up girl, also came by to help out and keep us company.

Thank you to everyone who came by the booth. We sold lots of prints and buttons, but I’m always especially pleased when people buy my books. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


Me, Félix, Erin

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