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Here's the painted front and back covers for the Children's book I'm working on. I'm pretty happy with the colours in the original painting, but depending on which computer screen I see it on, the colours can look quite acidic. I really hope the colours come out okay when it gets printed.

After 3 months of not seeing my friends and having no life and working full time during the day at a design job and then working on this book project the rest of the time, I'm almost finished all the paintings. I can't wait to be done. I've enjoyed the project, I've learned a lot and hopefully this will help open some doors for me illustration wise (it would be nice to be able to quit that design job...) but it's been crazy and I'm pretty much burnt out. I won't be posting any more of the finished paintings until after the book is published, but I do have some process stuff that I'll be putting up in the days to come.

After all this (and numerous problems and stresses at my design job) I was looking forward to a week of holidays the last week of August, but I found out this afternoon that my days off have been revoked. Another woman in my department is going to be gone at the same time and we can't both be gone (I was originally told it didn't matter, but apparently it does). So that really sucks. My husband's band, Ahnabith Gish, is playing in the Shine Through Rain Music Festival near Winnipeg, Manitoba. I was really looking forward to attending that and then spending a few days in Winnipeg as I have never been there. Then we were going to visit some of my family before going to my parent's place in Saskatchewan for a party in honour of our recent marriage. We'll still be going to my parent's place, but the 9 days of vacation prior to that are now pooched. I'm pretty bummed.


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