We've spent most of our weekends up to this point, and any other free time, just trying to get stuff done before our big move. Since this was our last weekend in Calgary, we decided to take some time off from our 'to do' lists and just have some fun. It ended up being one of the best weekends ever.

• my best friend was in town visiting and I hadn't seen her in over a year
• I drank some pints on a patio
• attended the Calgary Stampede for the second time in 11 years (I'm usually not a fan)
• went out for breakfast; ate yummy dutch pancakes
• window shopped with girlfriends
• sat in a park downtown and chatted
• went to a BBQ at the home of some good friends
• played board games and drank lemonade
• walked around in the sun holding hands with Dario
• attended an all ages musical show - my husband performed


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