Things are going really well out here. We now have our own flat - which is really nice and comfortable - and we're finally both working. I have a part time job at a bed and breakfast and my husband is working part time in a retail job. I've always either been a student or had a full time job. This is the first time in my life where I'm not working full time and I love that I have an opportunity to draw and work on my illustrations.

In addition to doing lots of drawing, I've also been to some local music shows. Withered Hand is really good. I went to their CD release on Wednesday. On Friday night I went to Sister Spit, a spoken word event. Yesterday, Dario and I went to the National Gallery to see an exhibition of Spanish art: Spain - From Goya to Picasso. It was pretty good. I get excited about seeing works in person by famous artists I studied in school. I didn't usually have that opportunity where I lived in Canada.