Chalkboard Process

Last spring I got to design and illustrate a large chalkboard for The Silk Road Spice Merchant. I love the look of hand lettered chalkboards and have wanted to work on one for a while, I just never had the opportunity. I was delighted to get to work on one for them 🙂

Colin and Kelci from The Silk Road Spice Merchant wanted a functional chalkboard to contain information that their customers often ask about as well as showcase any new products and upcoming events. Some areas of the chalkboard would be more permanent while other areas would be changed regularly. They also wanted something with a lot of colour.


After some rough scribbles to hash out ideas, this was the first solid plan for the layout, courtesy of Kelci.


The refined plan. The three sections at the bottom are meant to change regularly, while the two at the top are not.


Some tests using the chalk to figure out colours and technique.



The finished chalkboard in its new home.



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